In addition to their annual Cabin Fever concert, FARE TRADE unselfishly donates their talent and time to worthy fund-raising events throughout Western New York. Their appearance at such events results in several hundred if not thousands in attendance FARE TRADE owes their renewed success to their devoted fans. Without their continued support, FARE TRADE shows would cease to exist.
FARE TRADE is best known for their unique blend of originals, epic covers, and southern rock styles. Since reuniting in 2010 to celebrate a 30 year anniversary reunion concert, this three-guitar power house band, armed with all its original members, has been performing to sold-out shows wherever they set up shop. Limiting their engagements to selective venues, a FARE TRADE show is a foot-stompin’, bring the house down experience you do not want to miss.
FARE TRADE traces its origins to the summer of 1968.  Michael Runo (guitars & vocals) and Mark Terreri (drums & vocals) mutually decided that forming a band would be a great way to share their friendship, learning and playing music together.  Shortly after starting out, the founding members recruited a very close friend, David Lee Frost, to be the band’s bass player and 3rd vocalist. David Buxton was next to join in 1969, becoming the band’s second guitarist.  The boys in the band entered high school in 1970. John Kensinger (keyboards) rounded out the line-up of Fare Trade in 1972.  The band’s 3rd guitarist, John Pokrandt, joined the band in 1978.